Artas Hair Transplant Cost

In comparison with the traditional hair transplant procedures, the Artas hair transplant cost will be more expensive, square inch for square inch of scalp. Be sure to keep it in mind because the procedure will likely not be covered by medical insurance unless otherwise allowed by your insurance provider under extraordinary conditions.

The out-of-pocket costs may be beyond the means of many balding men and women, but the benefits of Artas hair transplant are worth it, if you can afford to pay it in cash. But if you can’t do so, you can always consider the financing options offered by the service provider, such as payment by installment via your credit card.

Here’s a list of Artas Hair Transplant prices:

Basic Cost and Benefits

Just as with all types of hair transplant methods, the actual cost of an Artas hair transplant will depend on several factors including but not limited to:

* The size of the area for treatment
* The expertise of the surgeon
* The geographical location of the clinic (i.e., clinics in major cities usually have higher rates)
* The complexity of the procedure on a per-patient basis

You must then discuss the estimated cost of your own Artas hair transplant with your surgeon, as well as other related post-surgery costs.

In general, the bill for an Artas hair transplant ranges between $6,900 and $18,000 and up. The average cost is $11,725 – indeed, a significant amount that will make many interested individuals get second thoughts.

But when you consider the benefits of the procedure, you will agree that it’s among the best solutions for hair loss. The Artas hair transplant, after all, is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require the surgical removal of tissues on the head. There’s also no use for staples and stitches in closing the wound so there’s no post-surgery linear scar, a source of embarrassment for most patients of traditional hair transplant techniques.

The recovery time is quicker, too, so you can return to your normal activities sooner. Your transplanted hair is also permanent, not to mention that it will look so natural that others will not notice the difference.

Basic Explanation of the Procedure

Before the procedure, you will be asked to trim your hair albeit only in the identified donor area, usually at the back of your head. This is necessary for the robotic system to make precise harvesting of the donor hairs.

The complicated procedure – at least, in the eyes of patients – can be described in simpler terms as:

* You will be comfortably seated on a chair during the entire procedure. Your doctor and nurse will ensure that you are, indeed, comfortable during the entirety of the procedure.

* Your surgeon will inject a local anesthetic into the area for treatment. You will then not feel pain even when your surgeon harvest your donor hair and transplants into your bald areas.

* You can return home afterwards since it’s an outpatient procedure. You may experience minor swelling and discomfort, too, but these will subside within three days, at most.

The Artas hair transplant cost may be expensive but you have to consider that it’s a lengthy procedure – a single session can stretch between four and eight hours! Your high expectations about the results will also be met so every dollar will be worth it.

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