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When interested individuals ask about the DHI hair transplant cost, they will get varying answers – and for many of them, even vague answers resulting in their doubts. But this is to be expected as the final bill will depend on several factors, most of which are related to the individual’s condition, needs and wants.

The bottom line: You should set realistic expectations of the cost and benefits related to a DHI hair transplant. You have to discuss these matters with a DHI doctor before proceeding with the procedure, if ever. Otherwise, you may come out of it disappointed or disillusioned, which isn’t the type of reaction DHI wants from its patients.

Here’s a list of DHI Hair Transplant prices:

Differences Between DHI and FUE Procedures

Why choose the DHI hair transplant procedure in the first place? This question is particularly relevant in light of the alternative procedures, especially follicular unit extraction (FUE). To understand the advantage of DHI over FUE hair transplant, we have to take a look at their differences.

On one hand, traditional FUE focuses more on the hair extraction process and less on the proper placement of the harvested donor hair. The use of slits or cuts in harvesting the donor hair and the use of forceps in its placement on the treatment area leads to numerous side effects, such as uneven healing and unnatural results. Most patients also complain about the noticeable scars on the head.

On the other hand, DHI has developed its unique hair transplant technique for several years. The result: Maximum benefits with minimum side effects. The DHI surgeons have been extensively trained on the optimum depth, angle, and direction of the donor hair follicle, while keeping the number of cuts to zero – yes, there are no cuts!

Due to the unique DHI technique, the hairline and scalp appears so natural a few weeks after the procedure. There will be none of the discoloration, pitting, and scars present in traditional hair restoration methods including FUE.

Differences in Total Cost Among Patients

So, whenever you feel discouraged by the apparently high cost of a DHI hair transplant, you should consider that the benefits far outweigh the cost! After a successful procedure, you will regain your full head of hair and, hopefully, your self-confidence. You may even say that your hair has become even better after the procedure so the cost is a small price to pay.

But you have to keep in mind that your total bill will be different from other patients because of your individualized plan. Unlike many methods, the cost of a DHI hair transplant will partly depend on the actual number of hairs extracted from the donor site and transplanted to the treatment site; other methods use the number of grafts for the cost determination.

DHI asserts that it’s the more honest way of cost determination. Plus, the DHI doctors adopt careful steps to avoid shredding and separating the hair follicles, thus, resulting in better results over traditional methods.

You and your doctor will then discuss the estimated number of hairs that will be extracted and implanted on your scalp. But be prepared for changes in the total cost as the number may increase or decrease depending on the need, as determined by your doctor.

By the way, the DHI hair transplant cost starts at around $3,000 – truly, a more affordable option without sacrificing on the excellent quality of the results.

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