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In comparison with the traditional punch extraction technique, the increased complexity and quality of results of follicular unit extraction (FUE) makes the latter more popular among hair restoration specialists. The FUE hair transplant cost may also be higher but all things considered, it’s a price patients are willing to pay.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at the process itself – its steps in brief, its pros and cons, and its suitability for men and women. Keep in mind, too, that FUE isn’t exactly for everybody because of the risks and costs involved but don’t jump to conclusions either. Many, if not most, of the FUE hair transplant clinics offer discounts, reimbursements, and financing plans for their patients, all of which will make the procedure more appealing.

The following Fue Hair Transplant prices are estimates only.

Graft NumberPrice

FUE hair transplant

100 grafts$800
500 grafts$4,000
750 grafts$6,000
1000 grafts$8,000
1500 grafts$12,000
2000 grafts$16,000
2500 grafts$19,000

FUE Method in Brief

Dr. William Rassman developed the FUE hair transplant method and it has since then became one of the most results-effective and cost-efficient methods in the industry. Many of its users, specifically hair transplant surgeons, have developed their own techniques and tools but at the core of these new developments is still FUE.

Basically, FUE involves the use of a small handheld extraction tool known as a punch used in harvesting single hair grafts from the donor site. The tool itself will be different depending on the surgeon’s preference, as well as his training and experience with its use. The types of extraction tools include:

* Manual punch
* Crown punch
* Ugraft
* Neograft
* SAFE system
* Smartgraft
* ARTAS robotic system

Each of these extraction tools have their pros and cons so be sure to discuss them with your hair transplant surgeon. In the end, none of these tools are considered as the best among the rest – the most important aspect is in the expertise, particularly the level of skills and knowledge, of the surgeon wielding the tool. Even the speed of harvesting largely depends on the surgeon’s skill and judgment, not on the machine’s features.

FUE Procedure in Summary

The FUE method can be briefly described as follows:

* A full consultation between the doctor and patient must be made to determine the patient’s suitability, as well as the FUE hair transplant cost, date and time of the operation, and expected results.
* A list of pre-surgery steps may be provided, such as trimming the hair a few days before the surgery and arranging for post-surgery recovery period.
* On the day of the procedure, the patient will be asked to eat well before coming to the office. There’s also paperwork to be completed before the procedure.
* The doctor administers a local anesthetic on the donor and treatment areas. The patient will then not feel any discomfort and pain during the extraction process, as well as make the choice between sleeping and watching videos during the procedure. The process may take several hours.
* The doctor starts harvesting the donor hair follicles, prepare them for implantation, and transplant them to the recipient area. The process demands attention to detail and precision due to its complexity so the doctor must take his time in implanting the donor hair follicles.

The FUE process being a minimally invasive procedure, there’s no lengthy recovery period. But patients are well-advised to take time off work and refrain from many daily activities. Within three days, at most, patients can return to their normal activities except for swimming.

After the procedure, the doctor will also provide the patient with specific instructions about caring for and maintaining the newly transplanted hair. There may be specific hair care products and medications, too. When done by an experienced hair restoration surgeon, the results can be so natural that very few people can tell the difference between natural and implanted hair.

In terms of the actual FUE hair transplant cost, it will depend on several factors including the number of grafts necessary for the implant to be effective in covering up the bald areas. In the United States, the average cost per graft ranges between $7 and $10, even higher in some cases due to the surgeon’s expertise.

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