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All things considered, the Hair Club transplant cost is so reasonable that individuals interested in the procedure can’t help but sign up for it!

The renown of Hair Club as a truly reliable clinic for successful hair restoration procedures is also part of the appeal.

Here’s a list of Hair Club Transplant prices:

Company Overview

In 1976, Sy Sperling founded Hair Club for Men who was motivated by the idea of providing men with better hair loss solutions than were offered at the time. Since then, the company and its branches have developed numerous advancements in hair restoration, a proactive attitude that continues to benefit its patients. These advancements include the release of EXT Extreme Hair Therapy (2002), a complete solution targeted toward men and women experiencing the early stages of hair loss; the launching of LaserComb (2010), a breakthrough technology in slowing down hair loss; and the introduction of a new hair analysis technology (2014).

Hair Club has also undergone many changes in its organization. In April 2013, for example, Hair Club was purchased by Aderans Co. Ltd., a Tokyo-based provider of hair loss solutions. In 2017, the company also opened its first women’s center, a clinic obviously designed for females experiencing hair loss issues.

Nowadays, the company maintains nearly 120 clinics in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There are more than 1,000 licenses hair loss experts and cosmetologists in these clinics.

Overview of the FUE Method

Emphasis must be made that not everybody is a suitable candidate for the FUE method. Only a qualified doctor can determine a patient’s suitability based on several factors, such as the extent of hair loss, the size of the donor area, and the number of possible grafts needed.

If you are a suitable candidate, you and your doctor will discuss the cost and benefits, as well as your expectations, for the procedure. You may even have photos of your donor and recipient areas taken.

Before the procedure itself, your doctor will also review the FUE steps so that you can be mentally prepared for it. You don’t have to worry as you will not feel any discomfort, much less pain, during the procedure.

The steps can be briefly summarized as follows:

* You will be asked to sit down on a specially-designed chair where the procedure will be performed.
* Your hair in the donor area, typically at the back of your head, will be shaved followed by the administration of a local anesthetic to numb your scalp.
* Your doctor will make tiny circular incisions on your scalp using a small surgical instrument. The incisions are necessary in removing the single hair grafts, usually just 1 to 4 hairs in each graft. Your doctor extracts the graft using a specialized tool known as a punch.
* Your doctor then inserts the follicular grafts into your scalp’s thinning areas with the goal of achieving natural results in hair growth. This is the part where your doctor combines art and science in determining the angle, direction and depth of the grafts on your recipient area.

After the operation, you will be given detailed instructions about the care and maintenance of your hair. Be sure to follow these instructions since your compliance will have an effect on the success of the hair transplant. Besides, you want to get the best value for your Hair Club transplant cost and it starts with getting your desired results.

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