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The Dr. Cole hair transplant cost isn’t just about the technique itself but also about the consummate expert in hair restoration via transplantation behind the technique. Keep in mind that hair transplantation can be performed by trained surgeons in the field but not everyone of them can deliver on the excellent results achieved by Dr. John Peter Cole, MD.

Here’s a list of Dr. Cole Hair Transplant prices:

Get to Know the Man Behind CIT

Dr. Cole developed Cole Isolation Technique (CIT), an advanced development on the traditional follicular unit extraction (FUE); CIT is obviously and rightfully his namesake innovation. His technique emphasizes maximum accuracy combined with minimum invasiveness, a combo that reduces the risk of scars, infection and other post-operative side effects.

Aside from CIT, Dr. Cole is also well-known and well-respected for his expertise and excellent results in other hair restoration techniques. These include body hair transplant, plug removal and redistribution, eyebrow and face hair restoration, scar revision, and body hair farming. These techniques should only be done by an expert because of the risks involved and Dr. Cole definitely has the skills and knowledge for them.

Dr. Cole has several degrees under his belt including a degree in Chemistry and Biology (Mercer University, Summa Cum Laude, 1981); a medical degree (Medical College of Georgia, 1985); and a postgraduate degree in internal medicine (University of Missouri). Through the years, he has developed his skills and knowledge in hair transplant surgery until he developed his namesake technology.

He is also a well-respected member of several industry organizations. These include the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS), and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He is also a multi-awarded surgeon and a popular resource speaker with numerous academic papers to his name.

Get Acquainted with the CIT Procedure

CIT has numerous advantages over traditional FUE and FUT techniques, both of which are considered as more invasive. When done by a trained surgeon, its benefits include the following:

* Little to no scarring
* Leaves as much of the stem cells as possible resulting in better scalp recovery
* Higher density resulting in an impressive 97%-plus success rate
* Better regrowth chances of hair follicles in the donor areas
* Quicker recovery time

The tools used in CIT are also more specialized and, thus, these require intensive training for whoever will use them – and Dr. Cole provides personal instruction for his staff surgeons so that they, too, can perform effective and efficient CIT procedures.

The success of every CIT procedure, furthermore, also depends on the adjunct use of hair regeneration treatments. These are innovative formulas made to increase the chances of success by regenerating stem cells and boosting hair growth factors, as well as nourishing the scalp and hair.

Patients should then use Dr. Cole’s exclusive ACell – MatriStem Technology treatments, a topical formula for repairing and nourishing hair follicles, and Cytokine Rich Plasma, a formula used in the stimulation of cellular regeneration. Be sure to follow the post-procedure recommendations, too, for best results.

Do you want to know more about the Dr. Cole hair transplant cost? Then don’t hesitate to call its customer service or visit its nearest clinic! You will be surprised that it’s actually within your budget and expectation.

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